Random Notes

Some random details that didn’t seem to fit anyplace else:

  • Comments on all posts are welcome and encouraged; I want your feedback!
  • I will strive, to the best of my ability to give full and accurate credit to all wardrobe items as well as poses and locations when applicable.  If you notice errors or omissions, please feel free to IM me in world, or email me at OceanWade (at sign) Gmail (dot) com.  (Omit spaces.)
  • SURLs for stores and sites are aggregated in a list to the right.  As stores do change locations, and as this writer is highly imperfect, some of these links may be incorrect or broken.  Should you discover an incorrect or broken link, please feel free to contact me as per above, and I will make the correction.
  • Some of the earlier posts on this blog were recreated from cached versions of a previous blog; as appropriate, entries have been dated to reflect those earlier posts.
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