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When life gives you lemons…


Luna Jubilee’s challenge color for this coming week is lemon. Beautiful color, yes. But one I never wear. I wrote about that a while ago when yellow was the color of the week. I did a subtle yellow then and am doing the same now.  For today I’ll just say, when life gives you lemons — as it sometimes does — sit down with good friends and have a few shots of tequila. It’ll all look better in the morning!

Hair: Truth — Courtney — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Lipstick: Glam Affair — Layla Lipstick — Ancient Rose
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise — Pale Turquoise

Dress: Salt — Calypso Batik
Shoes: Slink — Shaz Platforms — Teal
Hair Flower: Haunted Zuzu — Lulu — Banana Strawberry

Pose: Del May — Precious Face
Background Texture: Distressed Textures



Sunshine Girl


I’ve always had slightly mixed feelings about summer. So much to love about it: the long days, the healing power of sunshine, and those wonderful three-day weekends. But summer in the city can be brutal — heat rising from the asphalt, standing on crowded subway platforms surrounded by sweaty strangers, and arriving at work nowhere near as fresh as when you left home. Then again, how great it is to wear the lightest of clothing and look forward to vacationing at the beach? I think of taking that first breath of sea air, kicking off my flip-flops and running down to the water’s edge. That moment is always magical for me. I breathe in the sea and the sky and all of a sudden I’m at peace. All troubles are forgotten. I’m pulled in and soothed and elated by the rhythms of the ocean.


Lots new this week, thanks to weekend shopping! My Fishy Strawberry ensemble is on sale at Fashionably Late — a new shopping event at Chic. The Gems & Kisses necklace was a Moody Monday special. And my platform flip-flops are brand new from Slink. In addition to all the usual prim-shoe adjustments, these allow you a choice of sole colors as well as decorative flowers and an adorable frog both of which are hide or show.

Hair: Truth — Pia — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Turquoise

Top: Fishy Strawberry — Gleam — Aqua **NEW at Fashionably Late**
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry — Sequins Gradation — Aqua **New at Fashionably Late**
Shoes: Slink — Shaz Platform — Teal **NEW**
Necklace & Earrings: Gems & Kisses — Oceane

Pose: Del May — Black Stand

Close-up of my lovely new Slink platforms!


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Before the party

Party Dress

Do you ever have that moment when, as you’re getting ready to head to a party you suddenly feel shy and awkward? It happens to me sometimes, particularly if I know I won’t know a lot of people there. As a child I was painfully shy. The thought of meeting strangers paralyzed me. Upon arriving anywhere new, I’d hide behind my mother and try and keep her from leaving, or look for a corner where I could disappear. But when my Mom would come to pick me up, I’d be happily playing with the other kids, or even leading them in my favorite games of make-believe. As an adult, I’ve mostly overcome it; people who know me can’t believe I was ever shy. But to this day, I have to reassure the little girl inside of me that she doesn’t need to look for a corner in which to hide, that it’s going to be fun, and people are going to be warm and welcoming. And it almost always is. And they almost always are.


…of course, it always helps to be wearing a fabulous new party dress and amazing new shoes!

Hair: Truth — Odette — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Dress: Baiastice — Adima — Midnight **NEW**
Shoes: Slink — Lulu Stilettos — Black **NEW**
Earrings: EarthStones — Gothique — Gold/Opal Mosaic
Bracelets: U&R Dogs — Clair de lune

Pose (first picture): Del May — Piano Shoulders
Pose (second picture): !Bang — Stand 133

Party Dress 2

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She came from the ocean


The way I remember the fairy tale about the little mermaid, she falls in love with a mortal, and trades her voice and her sea kingdom for legs so that she can go to him. Every step causes her almost unbearable pain but she never complains. Every night she dances for her him, her mortal, her prince. He loves her but isn’t strong enough to defy his father’s wishes and so marries another. Her mermaid sisters tell her she can revert to mermaid form if she kills her prince and bathes her legs in his blood, but, out of love for him, she refuses. And so she turns to foam. And dances eternally on the surface of the sea.

There are happier endings to this story, but I don’t believe them.


Hair: Truth — Aloha with Shells — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Mary — Natural
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil — Allure
Lashes: Redgrave — Natural
Prim Feet: Slink — Jolie Pied

Clothing: Evie’s Closet — Lumina Nymph **NEW — at Fantasy Faire **
Crown: CentoPallini — Blessing of the Sea — Aqua

Pose: Olive Juice — Caress

SLurls on the blog; list on right –>

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Pose for me (Pose Fair 2011)


Have you ever walked into someone’s SL house only to find that their walls are covered in pictures of themselves? It stands to reason that we’d be inclined to turn the camera on ourselves here; after all, we are our own creations! We can’t blame or credit our ancestors for the way we look as it’s entirely of our choosing. So it’s no wonder that residents are crazy about the pose fair ’cause it is those fabulous poses that allow us to take pretty pictures of ourselves and our friends and family.

Pose Fair 2011, which opened today, showcases over 100 creators making not just single poses but couples, friends, and group poses as well as AOs and pose props. The pose and props above are from Baffle; you might notice that I’m not the neatest of painters; Baffle includes wearable paint splashes in the set. Below the credits are some more fun poses I picked up at Pose Fair.


Hair: Truth — Sabrina
Skin: Laq — Linnea — Fair
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil – Allure
Prim Lashes: Redgrave — Natural
Feet: Slink — Jolie Pieds

Top: Friday — Striped Boatneck — White
Pants: Pacadi — Paint Splattered Jeans — Black

Easel, pose and paint stains* — Baffle **at Pose Fair**

*review/promotional item


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Angel in the Night (52 Weeks of Color: White)

Moonlit Angel

Am I waiting for someone?
Or just bathing in the glow of the mystical moonlight?
Maybe i’m your guardian angel, watching over you.
Or just hoping for a southern breeze to come along, to warm my gossamer wings and float me away from all of this.

Hair: Truth — Bebe — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Mary — Natural
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil — Allure
Lashes: Redgrave — Natural
Eyeshadow: Glamorize — Starbright — Moondance
Hands: Slink — Jolie Hands — Relaxed

Gown: Azul — Melinda — White
Wings: from the Beauty Avatar (now Glam Affair) Lunatica dress; may no longer be available.
Jewelry: Mood — Amanti Cuori — Gold

Pose: Flowey — Long Time Now

SLurls are on the blog. List to the right ->




The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. I was thinking yesterday about how love can change. Some of my SL friends are or have been trapped in relationships full of volatility, infidelity and game playing. What I realized is that when their partner treats them badly it confirms something that they secretly believe to be true: that they are, in fact, fundamentally unloveable. One might ask, why be with someone who treats you badly? I suppose they stay because they crave a return to the times when he treated them well; in those moments they were able to believe that they were lovable, that someone saw them in their entirety and still chose to love them. They need to feel that way, and *he* made them feel that way, albeit briefly. At some point, the relationship cracks wide open. One or the other leaves, angry words are exchanged, and love turns to hate. But as long as there’s hate, a relationship still exists. (To my friend I say, give it time, give it time. You will heal.)

As for me, I’ve been fortunate; I’m on good terms with almost all of my exes. And I’ll always feel love for them. The random bad guy who potentially managed to slip by my radar once upon a time? For him, I feel nothing. Indifference. Ice.

As ever, I fly towards the sunshine of a warm, welcoming heart.

Hair: Truth — Odette — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Vilda Fair Glow Skin 05 (blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Allure
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02
Tattoo Makeup: Mock — Makeover — Strawberries and Champagne (eye/lip)

Top: Peqe (at Chic Limited) — Kate Glitter — Water **NEW**
Pants: Peque (at Chic Limited) — Kate Leather Hight Tights — Noir **NEW**
Boots: Slink — Whitney — Black **NEW**
Jewelry: Mood — Alkahi Dew in Gold

Pose: Hela Miyo (at Chic Limited) — Air 1 **NEW**


Forever Umber (52 Weeks of Color Challenge)


Admittedly, I was getting a bit bored with the brown segment of the color spectrum. (Not to mention the examination of the fine distinctions between sepia and taupe, sienna and umber.) But there is something about these more subdued shades that can add a great deal of subtlety and depth to our SL clothing. As I sifted through my inventory — and travelled from store to store — in search of something that might be properly called ‘umber’ I discovered many beautiful things. My first pose involved a cocktail dress and an updo, but as you can see, I ultimately opted for casual comfort. The League jewelry, Woe top, Fishy Strawberry jeans, and brand-new Slink boots are perfect for a relaxing Saturday afternoon. (I’m sorry you can’t see the boots better in this picture, but trust me they are gorgeous! And on sale this weekend!)

Hair: Truth — Florence — Champagne **NEW**
Skin: Laq — Vilda 07 [Fair] Glow Skin (Blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02

Top: Woe — Nomi Jean Dress — Mud
Pants: Fishy Strawberry — Corduroy Treggings — Brown
Boots: Slink — Whitney — Chocolate **NEW**
Jewelry: League — Wanderer

Pose: Clique — Handsy Runaway


The jacket and the (new Lelutka) hair

Hair & Jacket CU

Just a quick post ’cause I promised you all a closer look at the Peqe jacket. Yes, I know it’s been out for a bit, but that doesn’t stop it from being absolutely fabulous! Just as I was getting everything together to take the picture, I got a notice about the new hair from Lelutka. Well, let me tell you, it is gorgeous! And, as a natural blonde, I love the darkness of the roots! My hair’s always at least 3 shades lighter at the tips than at the roots because so much of that blondness comes from ambient sun. I bought every new style at Lelutka, and, much to my surprise, the one I’m displaying first is ‘Sue’ — a retro 70’s Farrah Fawcett ‘do with bangs and layers and pieces sweeping off the face. If you’d described it to me, I’d have said, no way! I’ll never wear that! But it is so soft and sweet and beautiful that I simply couldn’t resist.

Hair: Lelutka — Sue — Sweeden **NEW**
Skin: Laq — Vilda 09 [Fair] Glow Skin (blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Redgrave — 39 Luscious
Tattoo Makeup: Grixdale — Dynamic Shadows Set 1 — Robin
Prim Hands: Slink — Jolie Mains — Relaxed Set

Jacket: Peqe — Flowery Jacket — Blue
Top: Atomic — Sheer Comfort — Lavendar
Jeans: Philo — Be Mine — Dark Wash **A GARDEN CITY ITEM**
Earrings: Cailyn’s — Harmony Set — Gold/Teal
Bracelet: Mood — NZ Paua Coral **A GARDEN CITY ITEM**
Shoes: Gos — Fauna Booties — Snakeskin

Pose: Clique — The Wrong Girl


Not interested

Not Interested mid new cig

^^ That’s me putting on my ‘I’m really not interested’ face…’cause sometimes you just can’t help yourself. And ’cause I haven’t yet found a good yawn animation. Oh, is my smoke bothering you? Good! *winks*

But here are some things I am interested in:

Hair: Truth — Billie-Jo — Champagne *NEW*
Skin: Laq — Vilda 06 [Fair] Glow Skin (blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02
Tattoo Makeup: Glam Affair — Makeup Layer 01 (former TDR item)
Prim Hands: Slink — Jolie Mains — Relaxed Set 1

Jacket: Aoharu — Simplejaket — Gray
Top: MichaMi — Fearne — Beige
Pants: Coco — Skinny Cargo Pants — Slate Green
Shoes: PM/Pixel Mode — Lady T — Snakeskin (Group Gift)
Sunglasses: Gos — Compulsive
Necklace: Mon Tissu — Take Flight — Robin’s Egg
Cigarette: Di’s Opera — Cigarette w/ smoke (prop from a pose set) — at Chic Limited

Pose: Frooti — Faking Pinup4
Backdrop: Pic taken at Urban Ville
Note: Top photo fixed by Squishypaint.

The full look:

Not Interested full

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