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Sunshine Girl


I’ve always had slightly mixed feelings about summer. So much to love about it: the long days, the healing power of sunshine, and those wonderful three-day weekends. But summer in the city can be brutal — heat rising from the asphalt, standing on crowded subway platforms surrounded by sweaty strangers, and arriving at work nowhere near as fresh as when you left home. Then again, how great it is to wear the lightest of clothing and look forward to vacationing at the beach? I think of taking that first breath of sea air, kicking off my flip-flops and running down to the water’s edge. That moment is always magical for me. I breathe in the sea and the sky and all of a sudden I’m at peace. All troubles are forgotten. I’m pulled in and soothed and elated by the rhythms of the ocean.


Lots new this week, thanks to weekend shopping! My Fishy Strawberry ensemble is on sale at Fashionably Late — a new shopping event at Chic. The Gems & Kisses necklace was a Moody Monday special. And my platform flip-flops are brand new from Slink. In addition to all the usual prim-shoe adjustments, these allow you a choice of sole colors as well as decorative flowers and an adorable frog both of which are hide or show.

Hair: Truth — Pia — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Turquoise

Top: Fishy Strawberry — Gleam — Aqua **NEW at Fashionably Late**
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry — Sequins Gradation — Aqua **New at Fashionably Late**
Shoes: Slink — Shaz Platform — Teal **NEW**
Necklace & Earrings: Gems & Kisses — Oceane

Pose: Del May — Black Stand

Close-up of my lovely new Slink platforms!



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Storm coming

Storm Coming

Yesterday was one of those days, all hot and foreboding. All day I waited for that first crash of thunder to rip open the skies and pour blessed rain down on me.


Hair: Truth — Courtney — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Top: Fishy Strawberry — L’Opera Bodysuit — Beige
Pants & Boots: LeeZu — Florentine High Heel Pants — Beige  **NEW**
Necklace: Kosh — Shepherd’s Glen Necklace — Jashperish-Golden

Pose: La Petite Morte — FU Pose 4

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Passion (52 Weeks of Color Challenge — Ruby)


Do you read a lot of SL profiles? I didn’t when I first came to SL, but the longer I’ve been here, the more I’m inclined to check out someone’s profile — whether it’s to look at a particularly stylish avatar’s picks, or to just to find out who someone is. I attended an event this evening and found myself doing a great deal of profile reading and was both impressed and astonished by the openness with which many describe their SL personae. Mine is pretty boring; I figured I reveal way more of myself here than I ever could cram into a few profile pages so I just provide a link and say, hey, if you want to know about me, go read my blog. And even here, I’m somewhat circumspect. Not so, many of the folks I checked out.  (In fact, sometimes you risk learning waaaaayyyy more about someone than you ever wanted to and have to slam that profile shut before it hurts your eyes or your mind.)  But what I saw lot of was passion.  People are passionate about their relationships, their occupations, their hobbies, and even their pixel pets.  For people who spend lots and lots of time typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen, we are quite a passionate bunch.  And despite the drama and the craziness that passion might generate, well, I think on the whole it’s a wonderful thing.  It’s passion that makes the colors so rich here.  It’s passion that makes the air shimmer so brightly here.  It’s passion that keeps those SL stars and that glorious SL sun forever shining in a beautiful blue SL sky.


This week’s color for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is ruby. That deep rich red that is the color of passion.  I thought I’d wear a gorgeous gown, or perhaps cover myself in dozens and dozens of ruby-red roses for this week’s picture, but somehow this sweet simple look expressed it best for me today.

Hair: Truth — Courtney — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Top: Paper Doll — Ruffle Tank — Cherries
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry — Aragon — Red
Shoes: N-Core — Soleil — Pure Red **NEW — at Shoe Fair**
Earrings: Dahlinks — Square Diamond Studs

Pose: LAP — Gown Poses




Whatever the weather, and whatever date it falls on, Easter has always seemed to me to be the official beginning of spring. I imagine pagan rituals that predate our Judeo-Christian era, where the great goddess welcomes the sun god and allows him to warm her winter-chilled flesh. The fields are tilled, the crust of earth turned over to reveal the soft, dark underneath which will embrace and nurture spring’s new seed. And there is rejoicing in the knowledge that another winter has passed, and we’ve survived. I don’t know anything about farming or crops, and I don’t know much about pagan rituals, but I do know something about renewal. And today, that’s what I celebrate. The end of a cold winter. The warmth of new sun. A world filled with possibilities.


I was aiming for periwinkle for Luna’s color challenge, but might have crossed that very, very fine line between blue and lavender. Still, I find it such a perfect Easter look that I can’t bear to change!

Hair: Truth — Mischa — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Linnea — Fair
Eyes: Curio — Tragic Eyes — Watercolor
Lashes: Redgrave — Natural

Top: Fishy Strawberry — Neo-Romantic Blouse — Lilac
Skirt: Aoharu — Lace Ruffle Skirt — White
Belt: Malt — Cinch Buckle Belt — Ghost White
Shoes: Maitreya Gold — Ixkin — Pearl
Necklace & Earrings: Mood — Prato — Cobalt/Onyx
Bracelet: Mood — NZ Paua Coral

Pose: MADesigns — Attitude 9


Forever Umber (52 Weeks of Color Challenge)


Admittedly, I was getting a bit bored with the brown segment of the color spectrum. (Not to mention the examination of the fine distinctions between sepia and taupe, sienna and umber.) But there is something about these more subdued shades that can add a great deal of subtlety and depth to our SL clothing. As I sifted through my inventory — and travelled from store to store — in search of something that might be properly called ‘umber’ I discovered many beautiful things. My first pose involved a cocktail dress and an updo, but as you can see, I ultimately opted for casual comfort. The League jewelry, Woe top, Fishy Strawberry jeans, and brand-new Slink boots are perfect for a relaxing Saturday afternoon. (I’m sorry you can’t see the boots better in this picture, but trust me they are gorgeous! And on sale this weekend!)

Hair: Truth — Florence — Champagne **NEW**
Skin: Laq — Vilda 07 [Fair] Glow Skin (Blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02

Top: Woe — Nomi Jean Dress — Mud
Pants: Fishy Strawberry — Corduroy Treggings — Brown
Boots: Slink — Whitney — Chocolate **NEW**
Jewelry: League — Wanderer

Pose: Clique — Handsy Runaway


The Best of Possible Worlds

All for the best

All is for the best, in this, the best of possible worlds.

Okay, so Voltaire was satirizing an excess of optimism when he wrote that line for Pangloss, but even when I’m not wearing my rose-colored glasses, I can see that certain painful experiences *are* for the best. Any time someone shows their true self — even if it hurts you when they do — it really is a gift; you then have more information to use in deciding how to proceed, and what your future relationship with this person will be. Other times, the ‘showing of true colors’ is 100% positive — someone you’ve never been that close to comes through when you least expect it, and you realize that you have a new friend. And in this strange new world of ours, it’s good to have friends.


Thanks to Berry and Luna!  Your fabulous tutorials have enabled me to see SL shadows for the first time ever!

Hair: Truth — Bea 2 — Champagne *NEW*
Skin: Laq — Vilda 07 [Fair] Glow Skin (blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02
Tattoo Eyeshadow: Glamorize — Starbright — Moondance

Top: Fishy Strawberry — Valentine Outfit — Early Morning Cardigan (a TDR item)
Skirt: SMS/So Many Styles — Leopard High Waist Skirt (a TDR item)
Shoes: N-core Sense — ZtremeHeel (Group Gift)
Necklace: EarthStones — Broken Heart Necklace — Onyx

Pose: LAP — 32/365
Location: My home

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Wild, Wild Ocean

Wild Wild Ocean

As any smart, experienced man can tell you, a woman can be both a perfect lady and a wild animal. The contrast makes the whole package that much more compelling.

Inspired by Tya Fallingbridge’s very sexy shoes, the Lady T in Jaguar (a Pixel Mode group gift), I went on safari today. Not that I needed any help to get in touch with my animal self…but strolling among the wild creatures was a different sort of SL nature than that to which I’m accustomed. And do you see my friends here beside me? Just goes to show that the wildest beast can, under the right circumstances, be a total pussycat.

Hair: Truth — Orchid (edited) — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Vilda 02 [Fair] Glow Skin — Blonde
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Allure
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02
Tattoo Makeup: CCD — Basic — Gold

Jacket: Aoharu — BT Fur Coat — Leopard
Dress: Fishy Strawberry — Silk Gauze Dress — Champagne
Shoes: PM/Pixel Mode — Lady T — Jaguar (group gift)
Earrings & Necklace: EarthStones — Caged Pearl Set
Bracelet: Mood — Sorella Cuff in Gold — Ceylon

Pose: Clique* — Le Bayadere
Backdrop: Picture taken at Safari Zyngo Paradise

*Clique is new to me; I just discovered this pose shop this past weekend.  But I’m so happy I did! The poses are wonderful, and as a lifelong dancer-wannabe, I had to purchase the ballet set, among others. You’ll be seeing more of them on this blog and no doubt elsewhere. (Link is on the right of this page in the SURLs column.)


City Girl

City Girl Interior

And when it’s all over, you get to go home. For me that means here: the city. Where I can get lost in the comforting frenzy of crowds and noise and lights. On the streets, we avoid each other’s eyes, having long ago learned the pedestrian dance — the quick step and hop, feint and avoid — that lets us get where we’re going quickly despite the masses of people between here and there. Finally home, you allow your breath to slow and deepen. Time to think about the day, and about what you want, and what you might possibly do next. But no decisions tonight. Just reflection and calm, and later, you hope, there will be sleep.

City Girl - Fire Escape

Hair: Truth — Diana — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Vilda 07 (Fair, Blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02
Jacket: Aoharu — BT Tweed Short Jacket — Ivory
Top: Fishy Strawberry — Silk Gauze Dress — Champagne (part of a dress)
Pants: Ricielli — Eliza Highwaisted Pants – Chocco
Belt: Pixel Mode/PM — Sol Leather Belt — Brown
Earrings: U&R Dogs — Tristan — Gold
Necklace: Zaara — Karmuka — Wood Gold
Ring: U&R Dogs — Isolde Ring — Gold
Pose (first pic): (with love and squalor) — I’m happy but you don’t like me
(Pose for second pic is part of the skybox.)
Location: NOTsoBAD — Soho Loft Skybox

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On the home front

On the homefront

What a relief it is to be home after such a busy weekend and start to the week! And, much as I love to dress up, there’s nothing like slipping into a fabulous faded pair of jeans and a soft, soft sweater for a lazy stroll around the home sim. (But yeah, I kept the high heels on… *winks*)

Hair: Truth — Raquel — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Vilda 01 (Fair) Glow skin (Blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 02
Tattoo Makeup: cheLLe — Smoke — Denim
Sweater: Fishy Strawberry — Knit Sweater — Teal
Jeans: PM/Pixel Mode — Lady T — Sky w/ Silver
Bracelet:  EarthStones — Peace Friendship Bracelet — Earth Day (group gift)
Pose: Glitterati — 143

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Cherry! (52 Weeks of Color Challenge — Cerise)

Ocean in Cerise

The top of this cherry dress peeked out of a jacket I wore in an earlier post, but I find it so lovely that it’s getting a bit more exposure here. (Cherry = cerise in French.) Something about it makes me feel very ‘sexy secretary.’ I want to say, “Don’t you think it’s time you brought *me* some coffee, Mr. Smith?”

Hair: Truth — Raquel — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Vilda 04 (Fair) Glow Skin — blonde
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Allure
Prim Lashes: Redgrave — Eyelashes 39– Luscious
Tattoo Makeup: Glamorize — Soft Smoke Eye Makeup – Onyx
Sweater: MichaMi — Carmela Cardie — Black
Dress: W&B — Bardot Tartan Tube Dress — Bordeaux
Shoes: N-core — Pumps — Noir intense
Necklace — EarthStones — Princess Pearls — classic white
Glasses — Fishy Strawberry — College Glasses
Pose: Essential Soul — Longing

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