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Sail away

SailAway Mid

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by…

John Masefield, ‘Sea Fever’

Hair: Truth — Eloise — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Top (part of a dress): Koketka — Beach Dress **NEW at Chic Boutique**
Shorts: Different Drummer — Shorties — White
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry — Sea Necklace **NEW — Seasons Hunt Prize**
Shoes: N-Core — Caprice — Neige

Pose: La Petite Morte — FU Pose 1
Location: Tuff Old Boats




Jade / 52 Weeks of Color Challenge


This week’s color for the challenge is jade. I think of the stone: mysterious and cool to the touch, reminiscent of the East, warm spiced air and women with mystery in their eyes.

Hair: Truth — Anthea — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise — Pale Mint
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur
Eyeshadow — CCD — Basic — Green

Gown: Kunglers Couture — Sophia — Aloe
Earrings: U&R Dogs — L’isle joyeuse
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry — Diamond Solitaire — Gold
Shoes: N-Core — Chic — Champagne

Pose: Del May — Exquisite #2


Beach bound in Peqe / Chic’s Birthday


I spent a lot of time at Chic Management’s first birthday event because there were so many fabulous things to buy! This little summer dress by Peqe comes in a variety of colors (yes, I chose the blue, as I do way too frequently) but I’m tempted to go back and get them all!

Hair: Truth — Florence 2 — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Dress: Peqe — Flowery Summer Dress — Sapphire **New — at Chic**
Shoes: N-core — Caprice — Neige
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry — Tassel Back — Silver **New — at Chic**

Pose: Croire — Flashing Lights
Location: 2xtreme


What I was wearing…


I don’t know if this happens to everyone, or just women, or just me, but certain outfits and/or items of clothing remain inextricably linked to memories of significant events. For example, there’s a particular black lacy item in my lingerie drawer that I no longer wear, and yet am unable to discard. I wore it one special day, and every time I see it, I have to catch my breath as memories of that day come flooding back. I remember the other things I wore that day too. And how I almost didn’t want to wash them because they’d picked up his scent: subtle cologne, and sea air and something indefinably him.

Today was significant too, though for other reasons. And this is what I was wearing today.


Hair: Truth — Courtney — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Lipstick: Glam Affair — Layla lipstick — Camelot
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Turquoise Pale
Lashes: Lelutka — Natur

Top:  Zaara — Mishti Tank — Ivory
Skirt:  Zaara — Niti Skirt — Aqua
Shoes: N-Core — Soleil — Washed Denim **NEW**
Earrings:  Caroline’s Jewelry — Donata — Blue
Necklace:  Je Suis — Je suis une princesse
Bracelet: Mood — Sorella Cuff — Gold — Amethyst

Pose*: Juxtapose — Stronger 2

*promotional/review item


Dreaming in blue

Wistful eyes closed

She’s wearing a beautiful blue dress, and she’s got the candles lit, but it appears that she’s alone. She’s thinking of someone far, far away, and wishing he was here. Maybe one day he’ll get on a plane and come to her. She knows she’s in his thoughts, as he is in hers. And for now, that’ll have to do.


Hair: Truth — Krystal — Champagne **NEW**
Skin: Glam Affair — Mary Natural
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil — Chill
Lashes: Redgrave — Natural

Dress*: Vanitas Vesture — Languid Party Dress — Auld Blue  **NEW**
Shoes: Maitreya Gold — Ixkin — Golden
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry — Diamond Solitaire Necklace — Gold **NEW**
Bracelet: Flirt — Tiffany Charm Bracelet

Pose: !Bang — Overdramatica  **NEW**
Table is from What Next; Candles are from Art Dummy

*Review item