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Cinderella, thinking


Something about this melon pink gown that I put on for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge made me think of Cinderella; I guess it’s the softness and prettiness and princess-pink-ness of it. In the story, I don’t think she had a lot of time to think about what the future would hold; she was swept away by the magic of it all and ran to greet everything it might bring. And we all know how that story ended.

Do you think, if she grabbed a moment to reflect before that fateful ball, that the words ‘happily ever after’ would have come to mind? I don’t think so. I think she was just living for the moment. She would have thought, do I go for it? She would have thought, yes, I’m going to go for it.

Hair: Truth — Padma — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Gown: Baiastice — Comme des fleurs — Pink
Necklace: Je suis — Je suis douce
Earrings: EarthStones — Trinity Pearl — White/Gold

Pose: Del May — Alternative Babydoll



Celadon / 52 Weeks of Color Challenge


The word ‘celadon’ — this week’s color for the challenge — makes me think of summer afternoons, escaping the heat by going to the museum, looking at collections of ancient Asian ceramics. So cool, that pale shade of green, light and yet filled with mystery; clear, yet hiding ancient secrets.

Hair: Truth — Lucia — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Mint
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur
Lipstick: Glam Affair — Layla Lipstick — Ancient Rose

Top: Baiastice — Apresmidi — Green (part of a dress)
Skirt: Mon Tissu — Gauzy Skirt — Egg Shell
Shoes: N-Core — Chic — Platine
Earrings: EarthStones — Quatro Diamond Studs
Necklace: EarthStones — Caged Pearl — White
Bracelet: U&R Dogs — Clair de lune — Gold

Pose: Status — Love My Nails 2
Background Texture: Twisted Thorn — French Wall Panels


Before the party

Party Dress

Do you ever have that moment when, as you’re getting ready to head to a party you suddenly feel shy and awkward? It happens to me sometimes, particularly if I know I won’t know a lot of people there. As a child I was painfully shy. The thought of meeting strangers paralyzed me. Upon arriving anywhere new, I’d hide behind my mother and try and keep her from leaving, or look for a corner where I could disappear. But when my Mom would come to pick me up, I’d be happily playing with the other kids, or even leading them in my favorite games of make-believe. As an adult, I’ve mostly overcome it; people who know me can’t believe I was ever shy. But to this day, I have to reassure the little girl inside of me that she doesn’t need to look for a corner in which to hide, that it’s going to be fun, and people are going to be warm and welcoming. And it almost always is. And they almost always are.


…of course, it always helps to be wearing a fabulous new party dress and amazing new shoes!

Hair: Truth — Odette — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Pale Turquoise
Lashes: Lelutka — 2011 Lashes — Natur

Dress: Baiastice — Adima — Midnight **NEW**
Shoes: Slink — Lulu Stilettos — Black **NEW**
Earrings: EarthStones — Gothique — Gold/Opal Mosaic
Bracelets: U&R Dogs — Clair de lune

Pose (first picture): Del May — Piano Shoulders
Pose (second picture): !Bang — Stand 133

Party Dress 2

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You take me there. Right to the edge of danger. I think, ‘Why? What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ But then I stop thinking. I’ll only go there with you. With you, my love, my marvelous, dangerous love. I trust you’ll keep me safe, even as you take me to the brink.

Hair: Truth — Denise — Champagne **NEW**
Skin: Glam Affair — Mary — Natural
Eyes: Curio — Tragic Eyes — Light Blue
Lashes: Redgrave — Natural

Top: Baiastice — Mides **NEW** (at TDR-Blue)
Pants: Lelutka — Undo — Black
Boots: Bax Coen — Prestige Boots — Black Suede
Earrings: Mood — Facile Metalli Multi

Pose: Di’s Opera — With Poise

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The sweet sadness of Sunday afternoon


There’s a mood that starts to set it on a Sunday afternoon. You’re still out and about, you’re still enjoying the wonderful weekend, but that joy becomes tinged with sadness because you know it’ll be over soon, way too soon. This has been such a fabulous weekend I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to be in-world (or in-blog). But the lovely spring weather filled me with energy so, yes, here I am posting again. As I head out to dinner, I’m reminding myself to hold on to the weekend glow. And to let the Sunday sadness go.

Hair: Truth — Alison (streaked) — Champagne **NEW**
Skin: Glam Affair — Mary — Natural
Eyes: Ibanez — ClearGlow — Greece
Tattoo Makeup: Glamorize — Simply Subtle — Reddish

Dress: Baiastice — Nina — Pearl **a Project FUR Japan item**
Shoes: Maitreya Gold — Ixkin — Pearl
Necklace: EarthStones — Caged Pearl Necklace — White Pearl
Bracelet: Mood — Eleganza Floreale Bangle — Platinum/Peridot

Pose (top pic): Flowey — All the things I’m not


SLurls on the blog; list to the right –>


Who are you? (and new from LeeZu!)


When I first joined SL I created an avatar that looked as much as possible like my RL self. Later I made an alt who was physically everything my adolescent self had wanted to be and wasn’t: a tall busty brunette with emerald eyes and curly locks. Yet somehow she logged on, I felt a disconnect; she just didn’t feel like *me* in the way that my original avatar feels like me. Granted, the original has changed over time; she’s gotten taller and younger, thinner and blonder. I’ve also changed, though not quite in those same ways. But she still feels like me. So much so that, at a restaurant with friends the other day, someone behind me said “Ocean” and I turned around and said “Yes?”

Part of me envies those who fully transform themselves in SL. Fairies and furries, aliens and tinys — we see, and welcome, all kinds here. We know that some of the women we meet are really men and vice versa. It must be amazing to explore those other sides of oneself, and I wonder if it’s timidity or something else that keeps me from doing so. But, whatever path we choose, we’re either learning about our RL selves, or trying to run away from them. I hope I’m one of those who is learning.


LeeZu’s new open blouse is amazing: the Arabesque (not shown here) is lovely and colorful; the Araplain, while less colorful is anything but plain. As always, LeeZu’s textures are intricately drawn and the prim attachments are flattering to every avatar. (Yup, I sprang for the fatpack.) I’m wearing it in green for today’s lunch date because it works so well with these great new Purple Moon sunglasses and lovely and practical shoulder bag from Les Petits Details.

Hair: Lelutka — Charlize — Sweeden
Skin: Glam Affair — Mary — Natural
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil — Allure
Lashes: Redgrave — Natural
Makeup: Boom — Liquid Glaze — Silver

Jacket: LeeZu — Araplain Blouse — Olive **NEW**
Top: Coco — Tank Top — Khaki
Pants: R.icielli — Eliza — Chocco
Sunglasses: Purple Moon — Vain Sunglasses — Brown Leopard **NEW**
Jewelry: Baiastice — Stone Silk Set (color change)
Bag: LPD/Les Petits Details — The Chic Snake — Brown
Belt: Pixel Mode/PM — Sol Belt — Brown
Boots: Coco — Over-the-Knee Boots — Brown

Pose: Olive Juice — Regulators

SURLS are on the blog. List to the right ->


Sweet and blue

Sweet and blue

This isn’t the outfit I chose to wear to today’s lovely wedding shower; it wasn’t quite right for February — at least in my part of the world.  But trying it on made me feel sweet and blue like an April afternoon, after the showers have passed by, and before the flowers start to bloom.

Hair: Truth — Francesca — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Nellie — Fair — 06
Tattoo Makeup: Laq — Blonde Eyebrows — Fair
Dress: Baiastice — Sweet Disposition — Water
Cardigan: Coco — Cardigan — Lace
Necklace: EarthStones — Princess Pearls — Classic White
Shoes: Maitreya Gold — Shanti — White
Pose: Essential Soul — Approach
Backdrop:  by Whimsy, courtesy of Second Life Stock Images

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My first cheesecake shot…


I’ve of two minds about posting this — and may end up pulling it down — but the new VIP bed from Glitterati is so cute, as is the Baiastice lingerie. (I got a few sets, but am wearing the most modest among them here, for obvious reasons. *winks*)

Hmm…lingerie and a bed…could it be that Valentine’s Day is coming up?

Hair: LeLutka — Jenifffer — Sweeden
Skin: Laq — Vilda [Fair] Glow skin (Blonde) – 01
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Chill
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina — 02
Tattoo Eyeshadow: Glamorize — Back To Basics — Moon Touch
Lingerie: Baiastice — S — Kim — cian/rose
Necklace: EarthStones — Tennis Necklace — Diamond/White Gold
Bed (with pose): Glitterati — VIP Group Gift — full version coming soon!
Skybox: LMK Interieur — Je suis a Paris (Marketplace)

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Mood Indigo — 52 Weeks of Color Challenge — Indigo

Ocean in Indigo

…you ain’t been blue…’til you’ve had that mood indigo…

Hair: Truth — Miranda — Platinum
Skin: Laq — Vilda 09 (Fair) Glow skin (Blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — Tranquil Eyes — Allure
Tattoo Makeup: CCD — Basic — Smokey
Gown: Baiastice — Beaded Organza — Blue
Shoes: Maitreya Gold — Ixkin — Pearl
Jewelry: EarthStones — Gothique — Gold/Opal Mosaic
Pose & Backdrop: Impressions Studio

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge — Week 8 — Green

Ocean Green

As an Ocean-girl, well, green is one of my two main colors — the other being blue, of course. And, I have so very many green items in my inventory that this week of the challenge didn’t even necessitate shopping (alas). The hardest thing, for me, was not being able to showcase so very many beautiful green things. On the other hand, it was lovely to get the opportunity to show off some of favorites:

Hair: Truth — Bebe — Champagne
Skin: Laq — Vilda 09 Fair Glow skin (blonde)
Eyes: Ibanez — ColorGlow Eyes — Limlight
Prim Lashes: Glam Affair — Regina 12
Makeup: Glamorize — Soft Smoke Eye Makeup — Evergreen
Top: Aoharu –Off Shoulder Gauze Tunic — Natural
Pants: Ricielli — Eliza highwaisted pants — patterned
Boots: Bax Coen — Prestige Boots — Green Suede
Necklace: Baiastice — Stone silk necklace
Belt: Pixel Mode — Sol Leather Belt — Black
Pose: Ricielli — Wall Poses — pose 1

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