Step into my dream

Step into my dream

The other day my landline rang — a rare occurrence, because, really, who uses a landline anymore? — and the sound jarred me out of my SL reverie and into my living room, almost dark but for the light from my computer screen. It took me a moment or two to situate myself in RL — to realize that while I’d been in-world, hours had passed, dusk had fallen, and I was about to be late for an important evening out. I scrambled. Here to pull a dress and shoes from the closet. There to dash on some mascara and lipstick and run a brush through my hair. Perfume. Handbag. Keys. And out the door. And as I raced towards the restaurant i thought about how much it felt like one of those mornings when your alarm doesn’t go off and something jolts you out of a lovely dream and though your body’s going through the motions of getting ready for work, your brain is still catching up, still trying to make that transition from sleep to wake, from dream to real.

In-world, we have a dream of our own making. Those who chose may completely reinvent themselves. Rules are few, and we’re born into this world already owning all the tools necessary to create anything we want. We learn to build and script and terraform and landscape. It is in many ways an ideal universe, the perfect dream. But remember that not all dreams are good. And, given the choice, would you want to spend your whole life inside a dream? I love perfect SL sunsets as much as anyone, but sometimes lightning, thunder and and the kind of driving rain that chills you to the bone and feels like it’ll never stop is thrilling and vital and awe-inspiring in a way that makes the brightest pixel sunset look like a faded photograph.


Hair: Truth — Eden — Champagne
Skin: Glam Affair — Layla — Natural
Eyes: Fashism — Sunrise Eyes — Turquoise Pale
Lashes: Lelutka — Natur

Gown:  Azul — Suzana — Aqua **NEW**
Shoes: N-Core — Chic — Noir Intense
Earrings:  EarthStones — Dangle Studs — Diamond/White Gold (Group Gift)
Necklace:  EarthStones — Tennis Necklace — Diamond/White Gold (Group Gift)

Pose*: Juxtapose — Still Breathing 2

*promotional/review item

  1. #1 by lisamun aronowicz on June 1, 2011 - 4:54 pm

    That gown looks really beautiful on you Ocean!

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