About ‘a dream of oceans’


My readers are no doubt quick enough to catch the play on words. When I was deciding what to name the blog, well, something about oceans naturally sprang to mind, given my love of the sea, and my avatar name. And if you look through my posts, you’ll note that love of the sea reflected in many of them. Oceans also appear frequently in my RL dreams; often I find myself living in a tiny cottage on the shore and enjoying the sea I see too infrequently in waking hours. Except, perhaps for here. So, this is both ‘a dream of oceans,’ and ‘a dream of Ocean’s.’

I joined SL — somewhat reluctantly — when my bff went off to grad school and took a course in internet policy. One of her class requirements was to join SL, create an avatar, and change its look. She was super-enthused about the possibilities whereas initially I didn’t understand the attraction of the little pixel people and places — though I did love the colors, and the flying and teleporting! It became a collaborative effort for a little while there. We both drifted away from SL after not too long, but a few years later, I came back. And have been enjoying every moment of it. (Okay…maybe not *every* moment…but certainly enough moments to plan to stick around!)

My ostensible reason for creating this blog is to show off SL fashion and other wonderful things in-world that catch my eye. And I certainly will do that, to the best of my (limited) ability. However, knowing myself as I do, i may on occasion drift far from fashion and other flashy things.

If you’ve made it this far, i thank you for reading.


(post updated January 2011)

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